Our Story

Let me paint a picture for you.

It's midday and I am looking to update my athleisure wardrobe. I pick up a running top. I look at it up and down and look around in one of the busiest stores in London, and something in my head clicks. 

I started to ask myself questions:

'Who manufactured this top?'

'What fabrics were used when this was made?'

'Where did these fabrics come from?'

'Should I be concerned that it is fast fashion? After all it's cheap as chips!'

I put the top down and walked out the store. I had a lot to think about and research. After all, fast fashion and plastic pollution were at the heart of the climate debate. 

When I conducted my research, I found out that it wasn't just me that was becoming increasingly concerned about these factors regarding clothing, it turned out other consumers had the exact same questions. After all, fast fashion is currently one of the biggest threats our planet faces today. 

I then thought to myself; 'let me see if I can purchase some sustainable athleisure instead'. 

I searched and searched. I found that there were some sustainable athleisure brands available but these kept filling my head with thoughts like:

1.They were out of my price range.

2. Even though these garments were sustainable, they were still sent in plastic/cardboard packaging.

3. Sustainability doesn't just mean using sustainable fabrics, it also means having a high level of social responsibility. How can I trust these brands? 

Then it hit me. Instead of trying to find an athleisure top that is sustainable, why don't I produce a solution myself that's both sustainable and reasonably priced. 

Enter Origin X Performance:

Origin X Performance | Sustainable Activewear | Our logo

I believe Origin X Performance is one of a kind.

After solidly working for 8 months, I finally launched my dream in December 2019!

My goal is simple: to start an athleisure company that is as sustainable as the industry would allow. 

I decided that I would start my men's range with t-shirts that are manufactured out of certified organic cotton, and hoodies that are manufactured using certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

My womens wear is extremely exciting as well. It took me a while but I found a European company that would produce my leggings and sports bras from fabric made out of plastic gathered from our ocean. 



Origin X Performance | Sustainable Activewear | Oceans matter, protect our future


To complete my journey I knew I had to find sustainable packaging to go with my brand. Recycled cardboard/plastic just wasn't good enough!

Enter my packaging. All my packaging is made out of biodegradable and/or compostable components.

However, I wanted to take one more step into the sustainable world. What could I do to further help the environment? 

I know, I could plant a tree. So I decided for every order Origin X receives, we will pay to plant one tree. 


I had done it, my brand was finally up and running, I had achieved my goals. 

What next?

In the long run my journey has just started and I am eager to see where it takes me. I am forever looking for more ways to make my business more sustainable and what I am really trying to achieve is to change the way people perceive fast fashion and the damage it does to the environment!

I look forward to taking on the fast fashion world and winning!

We will keep all our customers updated with our journey, including the high points and the low points. 

Stay safe and sustainable!