• Our Textile Fabrics: Oceanbalance

    A prominent issue in the environment currently is the amount of plastic that is in the sea and oceans. There are nylon fishing nets that are scattered across our oceans, that are suffocating and harming marine life. Globally, we produce approximately 300 million tons of plastic waste per year. An... View Post
  • A Sustainable Valentines Day!

    It is that time of year again and it comes out of nowhere. Valentine's Day is a time to get a thoughtful gift for someone special in you life. It also is a massively over commercialised holiday and it comes at an environmental cost with all the cards that are usually thrown away. UK buyers have b... View Post
  • Fast Fashion‘s Environmental Impact

    Fast fashion defined as cheap, trendy clothing items that are inexpensive to design, manufacture and get out on the store floor is leaving a massive carbon footprint. It's model is based off of the idea of encouraging over-consumption and generating excessive waste. However, we can make a differe... View Post