• An Origin X Sustainable Workout

    1. Look and feel sustainable in your Origin X workout gear This is a great place to start. What you wear when you workout is important, not only to look good but to feel good. Our products are all sustainably made to last and support you always through every workout, from low to high intensity.  ... View Post
  • Air Pollution: The Threat it Poses to Humans & the Environment

    As the world’s population continues to grow, we are creating more and more pollution, specifically air pollution. Generally, pollution originates from waste. Air pollution is defined as the release of compounds, particles and gases into the air, and thus can be manmade or occur naturally. Manmade... View Post
  • Healthy Snacks to Munch on After Your Next Workout

    Workouts are demanding of the body and after an intense and sweaty one, we need to make sure we are replenishing our muscles and cells with not only some H20 but some healthy snacks too! Some snacks are even known to help your sore muscles recover a bit quicker. Spinach: Spinach is always a good... View Post