Washing: Environmental Tips!

 Most of the time all we want to do is throw all our dirty laundry in the wash, click the buttons, throw in detergent and be done with it.

However, these top tips will help you cut back on your energy consumption and increase the life of your clothes!

1. Read your clothing tags

The first thing many of us do when receiving new clothing is rip off all the tags (even the fabric care labels). However, by reading the labels, it can make a drastic difference to your knowledge of how to care and increase the lifespan of your clothing.

2. Temperature control

It's important to note that high-heat washing can be damaging to your clothing and the environment. Washing with cold water and air drying is KEY! Heat can break down spandex and other fibers extremely fast.

Join the 'Wash at 30°C' campaign!

3. Don't wash all the time!

Not only is the colour at risk of fading, sometimes the clothing may shrink or just be destroyed altogether.

* Challenge: wear your clothing garments at least 3 times before they hit the laundry, as long as it's not too smelly!

4. Reduce detergent use and make sure its eco-friendly!

Using too much detergent is harmful to the environment and it actually makes your clothes stiff! That doesn’t sound too comfortable! So cut the usual amount of detergent you use in half.

*Top tip: a little bit of baking soda along with your detergent will boost the detergent and cleans clothes just as good, if not better and best of all, you get to reduce your home footprint too!

5. Drying rack 

They do wonders for your clothes. It will decrease the amount of energy you use and can drastically reduce your energy bill, as you don’t need to use the dryer. Additionally, it increases the lifespan of the clothing with no shrinkage incidences!

*Top tip: if you still aren’t convinced, at least hang up your intimate & sportswear, as these are the bits that are mostly broken down by the washing /drying cycles.

6. AVOID fabric softeners!

They contain harmful substances both to our lovely skin and our environment. Most brands have allergenic perfumes as well which are tough to break down!

Above are just some simple starting points to help reduce your footprint and extend the lives of your clothes!