We are feeling Tree-ific over here at Origin X Performance, as we have just partnered with the wonderful OneTreePlanted!

 Our vision here at Origin X Performance is simple: to keep our practices as sustainable as possible and to help the environment where possible! Therefore, we have partnered with OneTreePlanted /@onetreeplanted!

 Their motto says it all: “One simple act for nature can make a big impact”.

 We are ecstatic to team up with such a wonderful cause. The non-profit environmental charity has a primary focus on global reforestation and are planting trees world-wide! We love that they are using sustainable solutions to educate and motivate everyone to get out and plant some trees!

One Tree Planted Photo 2 | Sustainable UK Clothing | Origin X Performance

 So how does it work?

 Once they collect enough funds for a project, they send this to their relevant partners. To ensure a tree survival rate of 80%-90%, all their partners are vetted.

 However, they do not just plant lots of the same species of tree as this would not help the biodiversity in the region. Therefore, they work with their partners and the communities in the area to plant a variety of species that are the most beneficial. The planting then takes place in the rainy season to ensure the trees have an optimal chance of survival.

Overall, reforestation is beneficial for all; humans, animals, and the Earth!

 Their Goals

 By the end of 2019, their goal is to have planted 4-million trees! It’s not just about planting new trees, reforestation helps revive dry and old soil, as well as serving as a new oxygen source. Trees clean our air and water, provide homes for animals and impact our livelihoods.

One Tree Planted Photo 3 | Sustainable UK Clothing | Origin X Performance

 How to get involved

 Want to get involved? It’s simple! When you submit an order, one tree will be planted to represent your commitment to a healthy and cleaner Earth.

 We are honoured to support reforestation as part of our sustainability commitment here at Origin X Performance and are so thrilled to have you helping us and contributing to the planet!

Your contribution doesn't have to end with us, you can find more information about planting

more trees and their mission at: