The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet encompasses our ancestor's way of life and their hunter-gatherer diet. Back a thousand years ago or so,
there were much lower rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Today we are surrounded by sugar, fats and processed foods,
accompanied by sedentary lifestyles. Looking retrospectively at our
ancestor's lifestyle we can see that they lived very differently than we do

This sparked interest in researchers, who have now set off on
exploring the whole-food diet our ancestors consumed and if that is the
best way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Since this diet is just now recently being explored in-depth, there is limited evidence of if it actually is beneficial, however, current findings are looking promising.

Several studies support that this diet leads to weight loss, as well as improving overall health. This cavemen diet has split the research field, as
many feel there is not enough evidence to have such strong claims and there is a lack of information on long-term effects.

The general components of a paleo diet BASIC: Eating meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy fats and oils AND avoiding unhealthy sugars, soft drinks, dairy products (yup! that's right, no milk, yogurt, cheese, butter or ice cream), processed foods, trans fats, artificial foods and sweetness, wheat, and grains.

This diet is pretty straightforward, making it easy to adopt. Starting off on a new diet is always a bit overwhelming but a suggestion for starting the paleo diet would be: if it looks factory processed, then AVOID eating it. The less processed the better! If you could hunt and gather it, it's a go!

Benefits of the diet include: weight loss, clearer skin, reduction of risk of diseases, increased energy, less intestine discomfort, reduce blood sugar levels, promote athletic performance, etc.

Overall, there are a lot of promising benefits to this diet, but whether or not you feel prepared and capable of following this diet is in your hands. It's important to remember that being healthy doesn't mean only eating healthy foods, it also requires regular exercise. Making sure you are getting all your daily requirements of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is essential. Always consult your GP for any concerns and even just to talk about plans to start this diet.

Here is a great place to start to track your progress: Stupid Simple Paleo App.

Basic takeaways:
Caveman ancestors ate a wholefood diet of Natural foods and fats, which are the basis of the Paleo Diet.

As research continues, with time there should be more solid evidence of the efficacy of this diet, so stay tuned and if you are passionate about something, always do your research!