Spin Baby Spin

Spin classes are on the rise for being one of the most popular fitness classes out there! Regardless of the weather, you'll be able to get your spin on at one of these classes that are offered at nearly all gyms and fitness centres!

If you haven't given it a go yet, it's something that is highly recommended by all, both men and women!

Still not convinced? Read below for some of the top reasons others engage in Spinning class:
Get for all levels: You don't have to worry about levels with spin classes. It's all done at your own pace. If you want to challenge yourself, go on! If not, you can set your own pace and tailor your spin to your fitness level, or energy level for that given day.

Great health benefits: Spinning actually increases your cardiovascular fitness levels by strengthening the heart and lungs. The better your cardiovascular health the more able you are to increase your endurance and improve your spinning, as well as being able to endure longer workout sessions outside of spin class! Another health benefit is that it aids in fat loss! You literally spin off so many calories making spin a wonderful option for weight loss programs.

Tough to get injured: Spinning is easy on the joints and it's unlikely for you to experience any serious injuries at spin class.

Releases all the happy hormones: Your body will be busy releasing happy hormones, like endorphins at spin class, that interact with receptors in your brain that promote positive feelings and emotions all throughout your body.

Being part of a team: You set your own pace but if you are feeling competitive then you can compete with your fellow spinners. Plus, it's a great way to meet new people who are also looking to exercise.

It's just fun!: It is such a great way to burn a ton of calories and get your sweet on, however, some may argue that you can do that with lots of other types of exercises. Spin is just hands-down a fun and different way to get exercising. It is a simple way to get moving and get your endorphins flowing and classes are upbeat, competitive, and engaging.

Lots of fitness centres offer the first few classes for spin on offer. And don't forget, once you’ve completed your first spin class, let us know all about it!

Happy Spinnings!