Our Textile Fabrics: Oceanbalance

A prominent issue in the environment currently is the amount of plastic that is in the sea and oceans. There are nylon fishing nets that are scattered across our oceans, that are suffocating and harming marine life. Globally, we produce approximately 300 million tons of plastic waste per year. An estimated 8 million tons of this plastic is ending up in our oceans. If we do not stop and alter our plastic waste, it’s thought that there will be far more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. 

With this all in mind, we were in search of a company that is kind to the ocean and earth and does not create more waste that may end up in our oceans and other environments. 

We found our fabric producing company: Oceanbalance. They have redesigned and reinvented how we can use plastic materials and products, all while being eco-conscious. At Ocean Balance they create fabrics that are made from recycled and environmentally friendly polyesters. Through the recycling process, their polyesters require 86% less water than regular polyester and reduce CO2 emissions. 

They have 4 fabric types. Currently, we use Stretch 4 Balance Nylon but as our product range continues to expand we will use other textiles / fabrics from Ocean Balance. We love this stretch fabric technology because it provides 50UPF, it’s lightweight, super absorbent and doesn’t wear, pull or pill. 


Wondering how it all works? It’s simple! 

  1. Once plastic materials have been collected, they are sorted for the type of plastic they are
  2. Selected polyethylene & terephthalate materials are processed into flakes
  3. Flakes are washed then melted
  4. Yarn is then pulled from melted polyester 

After the process, the end product is a clean, recycled, eco-friendly raw material ready to be used for textile fabric production! Raw yarn is spun into various fabrics! 

We are very excited and proud to use this wonderful recycled textile technology and will keep our customers updated when we integrate new Oceanbalance fabrics into our brand.