Stay Home, Stay Sustainable

In a time of panic and uncertainty, we face a challenging situation as we are forced to isolate to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. While this may be difficult at first, there are great ways to stay connected via social media and importantly mother nature and continue or even embark on a sustainable lifestyle. 

Here are some things you can EMBRACE or CONTINUE to do: 

1. Recycle and maintain social distancing

Sometimes when life gets hectic, we tend to forget to take a breather. With all thats going on, we now have the time to take a step back and assess how we are doing things. Once typical activities may have stopped but we can still continue to do our part to recycle. Toss those delivery boxes, yup the pizza ones too, in the correct bin and you're good to go! (if you're at a communal flat or share bins with neighbors throw some gloves on and wash your hands when you're back inside.)

2. Spring Clean out & Repurpose old clothes

Hey, it is spring after-all! Which calls for spring cleaning, and yes it is still a thing even when we are quarantined. It is a great time to go through old clothes to see what can be repurposed or donated to charity. Keep in mind that having a sustainable closet includes wearing most if not all your items (less is more!) and of course making sure they are sourced sustainably. DIY are basically the new Netflix, or at least replaces it once all shows have been binged!

3. Support local brands and business

It is important in general to support small business, but in a time like this it's crucial where business and the economy are suffering. After a big spring clean out maybe you need to restock somethings, or are thinking of new ways to be sustainable. Look towards small businesses. There are copious amounts of local and small business that can supply you and in a sustainable way. Local restaurants & cafes are turning to delivering food since they are temporarily closed. Maybe you're swapping over to zero-waste products and reducing your plastic waste, maybe you're just starting on your sustainable journey. Regardless shopping small and local is a great way to support others and give back to the community in a time of need. 

4. Be conscious of how you shop

When out for essentials (e.g. food and medicine) make sure you are actively thinking of food you can consume by its expiration date. Sometimes we tend to overbuy and "stock up" on things when we are nervous or in times of panic. Hence why now we need to be more conscious than ever before. Think about what you are getting too. Try not to stock up on junk foods, but rather healthy greens and other fresh foods that will aid in making you feel better during times like these! Also, ask yourself questions, like "Do I really need this... or am I buying it out of panic or our of boredom? 


Remember to stay safe, wash your hands, do your part by staying indoors and keep positive! We will get through this!