Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is something that was once trendy and a buzzword amongst consumers. Now with people becoming consciously aware of the amount of energy that goes into creating fast fashion products and the terrible impact it has on the earth, we are starting to ask questions. 

Fast Facts

  • It is all about replicating trends with cheap, low quality materials to produce items rapidly. 
  • The industry produces in excess of 1 billion garments annually.
  • It’s cheap, trendy clothing items that are inexpensive to design, manufacture and get out on the store floor.
  • The fast fashion industry emits 1.2 billion tons of CO2 equivalent per year and is responsible for producing 20% of global wastewater.
  • With increased production rates and high demands for new, fast fashion the price is low as is the quality. This urgency disregards quality. 



Who made your clothes?

Garment workers jobs are to put these highly demanded items together, but unfortunately at a high cost. Workers are receiving below living and minimum wages. Lucy Siegle, a journalist, in the documentary The True Cost claimed, “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.”

Garment makers are exposed to toxic chemicals, such as lead, which can lead to infertility, heart attack and other illnesses. Workers health and safety to this day are jeopardised. It’s been consistently confirmed that workers in the Fast Fashion manufacturing industry are underpaid, underfed and exposed to harmful chemicals. 

Final thoughts on Fast Fashion

Everything about fast fashion is fast, and more importantly it is an unsustainable model. Fast fashion has unfortunately resulted in harming the environment, as well our and workers well-being and ultimately our wallets. 

All in all, fast fashion shouldn't cost the earth! It's crucial for us as a society to work on new ways to consume and purchase garments as Fast Fashion has now has social and environmental impacts in the clothing industry. 

Curious what we can do to reduce our fast fashion consumption? Check back here next week!