Eating Sustainably

The climate issue at hand is something of great concern, however to tackle this we must consciously transform the way we think, live, eat and simply be. 

It’s important for us to alter the way we produce and consume food, as well as cutting our greenhouse gasses and emissions. 

Food is responsible for approximately 30% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The way in which we obtain our food, has greatly negatively impacted the environment. Agriculture is the leading cause for deforestation and our current food system is responsible for approximately 60% of biodiversity loss globally. 

Eating Sustainable is all about selecting foods that are healthy for our environment and our bodies. We can actively work and reduce and improve our earth by eating in a more sustainable fashion. Here are some ways to do just that:

  1. Plants, Plants and more Plants! : Consuming more plants is a great way to improve your diet, health and reduce your impact on the environment. 
  2. Reduce your food waste: Rather than tossing away last nights left over bits of dinner, get creative and put it into your lunch the next day. An average household wastes about 30% of the food it purchases– that’s literally taking £100 and throwing £30 straight into the bin!
  3. Reduce meat consumption: You don’t need to become a vegan or veggie, but by all means go for it! However, reducing white and red meat consumption will in turn reduce the demand for more. 
  4. Look for food that is certified: Next time your shopping, look for logos like  Fair-trade (protecting farmers and workers in developing countries), Freedom Food (animal welfare), MSC and ASC (seafood), and RSPO (palm oil). Keeping an eye out can help you be more conscious of what you are eating, as well as making sure your food is sustainably sourced and produced! or SHOP LOCALLY! 
  5. Grow Something: It could be just some herbs or even veggies! It’s not only fun watching your own food growing but it will most likely influence how you buy, use and consume food. 

All in all, we want to promote healthy eating for you and our planet!