An Origin X Sustainable Workout

1. Look and feel sustainable in your Origin X workout gear

This is a great place to start. What you wear when you workout is important, not only to look good but to feel good. Our products are all sustainably made to last and support you always through every workout, from low to high intensity. 

2. Getting there 

Sometimes a workout does not require leaving the house. Other times, we just want to get to the gym quickly and tend to forget that there are more sustainable and healthier ways to get there than driving. Biking or walking to the gym is a great way to not only warm up, but to reduce your carbon footprint! 

3. Use a reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottles (glass ones are great!) are essential to a sustainable workout! While you are releasing endorphins you get to reduce your plastic consumption as well! BPA-free water bottles are the way to go! 

4. Eco-friendly gym bag

Use a tote bag, or even invest in a sustainable gym bag. Atlas & Ortus gym bag is made of certified organic cotton, is vegan and is multipurpose. 

5. Convert your gym toiletries to sustainable ones!

After you sweat it out, whether you are at home or using gym facilities, you can convert your toiletries to eco-friendly ones. For example, swap your plastic bottled body wash for a bar of soap, plastic bottle shampoo for shampoo bars / solid shampoo and rather than using a wipe, replace with a flannel. An important one that we do not talk about much is deodorant. Big branded deodorants have harmful ingredients in them, like aluminum, so swap over to natural deodorants that are derived from natural products and use lovely eco-friendly / reusable packaging. 

6. Invest in eco-friendly workout props

There are wonderful eco-friendly yoga mats out there that are great for all workouts, not just yoga! The newest mats on the market are composed of sustainable material, namely natural tree rubber and cork. YogaMatters has amazing eco-friendly mats, free from toxic chemicals and made with lovely recycled materials. They are a great addition to your sustainable workout as they are made out of long-lasting materials that at the end of the day are biodegradable! Also, there are yoga cork bricks for support and even green cardio machines. Additionally, it never hurts to see if there is an opportunity to get some gear, or equipment second hand! Ask about!  

7. Prep your after snacks / drinks / meals

Sometimes we get caught up, life gets busy and then the first thing we do when we finish our workout is go for a drink or a snack. This desire is something our brain and body wants quickly, which is why, lots of the time we end up getting a quick fix of a snack or drink from the store or the vending machine. Organisation is key to being more sustainable, thus prepping smoothies, juices, snacks, etc. before our workout is a great way to take a step forward in the sustainable direction.  

Let us know if you have any special ways you have made your workout more sustainable!