• Our Sustainable Activewear: A Guest Blog by Anna

    Sustainable activewear: the story of Origin X Performance Sustainable clothes can be different. It’s not only about a specific kind of clothes. What about sports and other physical activities? Do you know who made your yoga pants? Well, I don’t know who made mine, because I purchased them a l... View Post
  • Why Water: A complete guide into the benefits of drinking water

    Water, or H2O is more than just a basic molecule, it is the key for feeling better, seeing better health-related results, and plays a significant role in normal bodily functioning. It makes sense that water plays a massive role in staying healthy, as it makes up nearly 60% of our total body mass. Both extracellular (about 35%) and intracellular (about 65%) spaces are composed of water. View Post
  • 50th Anniversary of Earth Day: Staying Safe and Sustainable

    Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 50th anniversary of the celebration of our lovely Earth. Currently the Earth is facing enormous challenges such as, degradation of our ecosystems, climate change, loss of biodiversity and so much pollution.  Back in January 1969, off the coast of Santa Barbara, C... View Post